Peculiar Winter

It’s snowing again this morning. Everyone is surprised by this late snow. This year has been nothing like any other. They even had snow in Jerusalem this winter. I think that sums up the peculiarity of this winter. This winter was a peculiar season for me as well. It was the winter I lived through the most… More Peculiar Winter

Bye Bye Winter Blues

Deep snow is still on the ground but melting fast. Finally the sun’s out, setting me free from the persistent winter’s grasp. So many fantasies came and went throughout this winter. I daydreamed of moving back to Hawaii, or trying a new life in Florida. Every morning, I woke up yearning for another place, anywhere… More Bye Bye Winter Blues

Life is Preschool

On the morning that we got the heaviest snow of the season, I finally ripped off the insolation on my window that my dad layered to make my room warmer. His intention was nobel, and I deeply appreciated his effort, especially on those cold freezing nights, but I always missed the view and the openness.… More Life is Preschool

The Jump Start

* * * When you feel like losing your grip, that is the best time to pray. Clasp your hands and hold on tight. Kneel on your humble knees, turn off the light and look inward. Hear your heart crying out… HELP!!!! And start to engage in the conversation between the heart of your soul… More The Jump Start

His Mission

Alarm rings at four. My biorhythm has changed, and this winter, I find it very hard to wake up early. Aggravation and irritation take over my mind in an instance. ‘I’d rather join a military… I’m going to die of waking up early one of these days…’ I murmur in frustration, still half asleep. I feel… More His Mission

Happiness of Selma

The roads froze up the day after the hard snow hit through the town. At 4:20 in the morning, I got into my car, with my dad, who insisted driving me to work and picking me up later. Sure enough, very few people were brave enough to venture out the storm for a cup of… More Happiness of Selma